Installation on Windows

Click the link below to download the installater:



The recommended way to install the new version is to remove the old one before using the installer.

To verify your download is correct, there are checksums for this file:

MD5: de126e3ba5f39216f3fe8f6ad5553ff4
SHA1: 99f694f5b03c0f02d51eb2d4ee66fb7e0a0ad8d1

3 thoughts on Installation on Windows

  1. Hello,
    I am able to install vatsinator on windows 10 but despite telling me there are clients on, I only have a blank screen and (not responding) at the top of the window.
    With thanks

  2. after re installation, it still prompts “unable to fetch vatsim data”

  3. Hi, I have the same problem “unable to fetch vatsim data”, what can i do with that problem?


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